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Ambersil Lubricant Silicone 400 ml Perma-Lock Silicone FG,Food Safe

Product Details

Ambersil Lubricant Silicone Aerosol

The Ambersil 400ml Perma-Lock silicone FG is a premium grade blend of stable silicone oils. This lubricant protects and waterproofs metal and non-metal applications where incidental with food can happen. The food-safe silicone lubricant is versatile and comes with a straw attached that enables you to reach normally hard to reach areas and give more accurate results. It can be used on any part and equipment made from metal, plastic, rubber, nylon, or wood. This lubricant fulfils the need for excellent lubrication in production equipment to keep machines running. It also works well in food processing and pharmaceutical industries by exhibiting neutral behaviour towards plastics and elastomers. It can dissolve sugars and comply with current food/health and safety regulations since it is physiologically inert, tasteless, and odourless.

The Perma-Lock range from Ambersil is a non-detachable, 2-way spray system that prevents anything to fall off. The new-look food processing safe products are designed to reduce the risk of food contamination and expensive recalls. Perma-Lock lubricants and oils all have a secure spray straw that locks in place giving you better control and precise application whatever position you use.

Features and Benefits

Repels water from glass, ceramics, and fabrics
Operating temperature ranging between -40°C and 200°C
Non-slip grip
Fitted with 360° spray system for use at all angles, even upside down
Stops sticking, squeaking, and binding
Does not contain nut oils or nut derivatives
Forms a colourless, non-staining film
Low surface tension gives better coverage and deeper penetration
Excellent release properties
Does not contain nut oils or nut oil derivatives

Category: Product Code: AMBERSIL-30248
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