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CarbideMax™ 55mm TCT Broach Cutters – 3PC SET

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Set contains: 14, 18, 22mm Cutters and 2 Pilot Pins

The CarbideMax™ 55 Series will broach up to 50mm thickness of metal.

Individually brazed cutting teeth are made from Tungsten Carbide capable of drilling through the toughest steels.

-Up to 10x longer life than traditional HSS Cutters
-64% Faster cuts than HSS cutters
-Elaborate cutting geometry for faster, quieter drilling
-Chatter free performance

The HMT CarbideMax range uses Premium Grade Sandvik Tungsten Carbide teeth, one of the hardest materials available for use in cutting tools. This means cutters are capable of drilling through the toughest steels whilst maintaining their strength & cutting surface for up to 10x longer than traditional HSS cutters.

The elaborate geometry of CarbideMax broach cutters means the teeth of the cutter do all the work. This reduces strain on the tool body and means that a strong but thin flexible alloy can be used for its construction.

Thinner walls means CarbideMax tools need to remove less material from the work piece resulting in a faster cut and quieter, easier drilling.

CarbideMax – more holes, more quickly, for longer. Incredible value for money, greater job site efficiencies and fewer stops as fewer tools are reordered and replaced.

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