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VersaDrive® Impact Rated Wood Auger Bit 19x457mm

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Save time, effort, and improve safety with the new Impact Driven auger bits
VersaDrive® Impact Rated Auger bits are specially designed for drilling railway sleepers with the standard Impact wrenches track teams already have.

This reduces the number of tools each team needs to carry and saves the effort and environmental impact of taking a conventional heavy petrol drill.

As well as being only a fraction of the weight, another advantage is that there is no kick-back to the operator, massively increasing the safety of the operation. In addition, impact wrenches have reverse function enabling easy withdrawal from the hole, eliminating the traditional issue of auger bits getting wound into the sleeper and stuck.

The auger bit is attached to the impact wrench using a quick-change adapter, available for both ½” and ¾” models.

Category: Product Code: 204010 HMT IDA

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